Deep Dive: Gymnasium Step API

27 October 2023 6 min read
In this post, we explain the motivation for the terminated / truncated step API, why alternative implementations were not selected, and the relation to RL theory.

Announcing Minari

17 May 2023 7 min read
Minari provides the capability to create your own environment-based datasets, to download open-source datasets and to upload your own datasets for others to use.

Announcing Shimmy 1.0

25 April 2023 3 min read
We are excited to announce Shimmy 1.0, an API compatibility tool for converting a wide range of single and multi-agent environments to the Gymnasium and PettingZoo APIs

Announcing The Farama Foundation

25 October 2022 12 min read
Today we're announcing the Farama Foundation – a new nonprofit organization designed in part to house major existing open source reinforcement learning (“RL”) libraries in a neutral nonprofit body.